• Bad Wig and Ugly Tracksuit Walk 2009 •

• HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 !!! •

• Earlier today we did this in Seattle…

• Bad Wig and Ugly Tracksuit Walk around Greenlake on Thursday, January 1st. This is a yearly New Years Day tradition. We meet at Noon on New Years Day at the Kiddy Pool to walk around the lake, every year, so if you missed it, be there on New Years Day 2010.

What a great way to get the New Year off on the right foot.

Luckily, wigs do offer some insulation from hangovers and there’s no need to fret about bad bed-head.

Rain-or-shine, umbrella’s & kids ok. Meet at the Kiddy Pool on the North end of the Lake at noon. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be pretty easy to spot.

• See lots more photos and a video here.

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