47.6 N Latitude, 122.3 W Longitude

Alain Lucier\'s Palms

Many people are surprised that palm trees can survive in Seattle, but the climate is surprisingly mild this far north. Warm currents off the Pacific Coast tend to moderate the local weather. Seattle is often called the rainy city, but that is not accurate. The city does not receive a lot of rain, but it does get about 220 days of cloud cover every year, and most of the rain occurs during the winter months. Averaging only 55 days of sunshine a year, this pervasive grayness tends to make the city have very moderate temperatures. Winter highs top out around 50°F and summer highs float between 75 and 85°F. This turns out to be just fine for the Windmill Palm.

Alain Lucier\'s House

Alain Lucier, a Canadian transplant now living in Seattle, loves palm trees. He loves them so much, he surrounded his home with the beautiful trees, filling up the front back and sides of his homes with hundreds of the trees. Running out of room, and wanting to beautify the neighborhood, he spread out, planting trees on the boulevard in front and then spreading the love by planting trees up and down the street in front of his neighbors house too. You know you’re getting close to this Johnny Appleseed of the palm tree world’s neighborhood in Fremont around the 4200 block of 3rd NW, when you start seeing the palm trees planted all around the neighborhood.

Alain\'s street

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