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Marlow Harris

Marlow Harris

My name is Marlow Harris and I live in Seattle. I’m interested in art, popular culture and the strange, eccentric and offbeat.

I also like unusual homes, wacky places, weird accommodations, unique tourist traps and kitschy icons. I like meeting new friends, especially unusual and creative eccentric artists.

I am a real estate consultant and agent in Seattle and if you have a real estate need, please give me a call at 206-329-3795 or check out my website at www.SeattleDreamHomes.com

I also have a real estate blog, www.360Digest.com. I also write for and moderate another real estate blog, Seattle Real Estate Professionals, on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website and edit a Seattle arts and events site Seattle Neighborhood Guide, plus another one called Seattle Twist.

If you have any unusual places you’ve visited, any wacky artists you know, any eccentric people you’d like to virtually introduce me to, please let me know. You can email me at Marlow@SeattleDreamHomes.com

JoDavid as Black Velvet Elvis


My name is JoDavid. I’m an artist and designer living in Seattle.


Ken Duffy – San Francisco

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  1. Tony

    Wait, you are based in Seattle?

    I’ve been coming by Unusual life for quite some time, and I never clocked to the fact that you’re in Seattle until I saw the first shot for the “Big Wig” post, and said to myself,” Is that the Green Lake shell house?”

    And it is …

    I’m living in San Francisco at the moment, but Seattle my home, and will probably be moving back there shortly.

    Small world, huh?

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