A great example of vernacular architecture from Florida, exact location, unknown.

Unusual Home that looks like a dog

Bull Dog Cafe

Photo by Joan Romer. On the back lot of the MGM/Disney Studios Park. It was the café that the movie the Rocketeer was filmed.

Dog Bark Park

Unusual B&B House that looks like a dog

Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast guesthouse in the body of the World’s Biggest Beagle located at Dog Bark Park on Hwy 95 at Cottonwood, Idaho. Guests enter the body of the beagle from a private spacious 2nd story deck. Inside and up another level in the head of the dog are a loft room for additional sleeping accommodations and a cozy reading nook in the dog’s muzzle.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Strange Doggie building in Australia. Any ideas about this one?

Unusual Dog that might be a house

Featured in the book Barkitecture, by Fred Albert, are some of the most inspired and fantastic abodes for dogs ever built. In addition to doghouses by architects — Wright, Gwathmey, Antoine Predock, Centerbrook and NBBJ, for example — there are works by notable interior designers like Robert Couturier.”

Barkitecture is a tribute to the fabulous homes we silly humans love to build or buy for our beloved pets. Dozens of truly spectacular dog houses are featured in full color with details on their design, construction, and the dogs who call them home. It is at once a history of dog houses, a fun coffee table book, an inspiration for your own designs and a resource for those looking to have a doggy home designed for their pampered puppy.

Book Review of Barkitecture from Tacky Living

Barkitecture the book

Unusual Dog House

Examples of professionally built dog houses and kitty condos from Animal House or Barkitecture animal rescue fundraisers held throughout the United States.

Unusual dog homes

Do you know any more buildings shaped like dogs? Or unusual dog houses? Please let us know!


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    I find it always interesting to read great blogs with good content about Coffee House Seattle because we can learn so much about that subject. Your blog regarding Barkitecture seems quite relevant even if I dont agree with everything. Thx

  4. Fred Albert

    It’s great to see that my book, BARKITECTURE, has inspired–and continues to inspire–so many people! Thanks for sharing all these great designs.
    –Fred Albert, author, BARKITECTURE

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