Berkeley Fish House

Berkeley Fish House

I found this on Ira Serkes site and it was labeled “Fish House”, but I think I read somewhere that it’s actualy known as the “Tartigrade House”, but the only reference I found to it was on a blog that’s been abandoned. Any info out there?


  1. ginelle

    i recently saw a tv show here, its called “Upbeat America”, this house was featured and was referred to as -Tartigrade House- that’s why i also looked it up on the net using this name. So i believe its really Tartigrade.

    by the way, it was also said that the house was built for around 245,000 USD on the yr 1994, but its already worth 1,000,000 USD year 2000. it was a good investment.

  2. Michele

    Why would you do this to your home and not expect spectators? Yes, I knocked on the door thinking it was a tourist attraction and a very rude gentleman answered and in an almost scary voice, “Excuse you, this is a private residence.” This was between 15-20 years ago when I lived in the Bay area.

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