Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller with models of the Standard of Living Package and Skybreak Dome. “[Fuller] believed that his task was to innovate in such a way as to benefit the greatest number of people using the least amount of resources,” Kolbert writes in The New Yorker. There is an exhibition about Fuller at the Whitney Museum of American Art. “By staging the retrospective, the Whitney raises—or, really, one should say, re-raises—the question of Fuller’s relevance,” Kolbert writes. “Was he an important cultural figure because he produced inventions of practical value or because he didn’t?”

Bucky Fuller Dome

The New Yorker Bucky Fuller slideshow

Buckminster Fuller Exhibit at The Whitney


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  2. H Otto

    I read the book in the early 80s,NZ. Absolutely loved it. His way of thinking ,his concern for our planet. He also was a keen
    sailor,which points to his sensitivity and
    care for the “Yacht” we are sailing in. His excentric and unusual ways for solution and demonstration. He may work for Google if he still would be in the physical.
    It looks like his Dimaxion map got borrowed by Jarke van Wijk.
    H (c:

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