Building with bottles

Bottle-end shower

Instead of throwing those glass bottles away, many folks have wondered how to recycle and build with these ubiquitous items.

This photo show walls being constructed on a build in New Mexico by Mike Reynolds at one of his “earthships”.

Bottle Wall

Bottle Bricks

Apparently back in the 60’s Mr. Heineken came up with the idea of makeing the beer bottles and size and shape of bricks, while concerned about the about of litter and wastage beer bottles were causing. They never came to be, however.

Bottle Jug House

Building with bottles has often been a choice of folk artists, early settlers and the poor in some countries, as they used whatever resources they had to build shelter. Agility Nut has a wonderful website featuring bottle houses around the world.

Airlie Gardens Bottle House

The Airlie Gardens Bottle House was created by a local artist, Virginia Wright-Frierson in 2004. It is officially named the “Minnie Evans Sculpture Garden Bottle House” after an artist/gatekeeper that worked at Airlie for many years. This bottle house is also referred to as the “chapel”. Frierson used bottles of all shapes and sizes as well as cement and chicken wire in its creation.

Riverside Chapel by Martin Sanchez

Beer Bottle Chapel created by Martin Sanchez of Riverside California

Ann’s Bottle House B&B in Arizona

Tom Kelly’s Rhyolite Bottle House

The Bottle Houses of Prince Edward Island


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  2. glass bottles

    wow that is truly amazing! I want to build some glass bottle structures like the ones in those pictures! Thanks for sharing such an awesome blog post!

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