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Bad Wig and Ugly Tracksuit Walk

• HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 !!! •

• Earlier today we did this in Seattle…

• Bad Wig and Ugly Tracksuit Walk around Greenlake on Thursday, January 1st. This is our second year establishing this as a yearly New Years Day tradition. We meet at Noon on New Years Day at the Kiddy Pool to walk around the lake, every year, so if you missed it, be there on New Years Day 2010.

What a great way to get the New Year off on the right foot.

Luckily, wigs do offer some insulation from hangovers and there’s no need to fret about bad bed-head.

Rain-or-shine, umbrella’s & kids ok. Meet at the Kiddy Pool on the North end of the Lake at noon. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be pretty easy to spot.

More details on Seattle Twist.

• Here’s a link to the Set on Flickr if you prefer to see the photos LARGE or for high resolution printing from the originals…

Paint-by-Numbers House

After seeing Robin Held’s show “Spectatorship & Desire: Lust, Loss, and Love” at the Frye Art Museum, hung cheek-to-jowl “salon style”, the Paint-by Numbers retrospective at the Smithsonion Institution and the current Paint-by Number show at the Corey Helford Gallery in L.A., artist JoDavid was inspired to create his own “Paint-by-Number Salon” in his home in Seattle.

• Check out this 360 degree panorama link and also, many more large (click “ALL SIZES”) pictures here on Flickr

Marlow Harris and JoDavid

Paint-by-Numbers House

Paint-by-Numbers House 1

More views of Paint-by-Numbers House

More paint by numbers

Elvis Corner

Detail of corner

Elvis Bar

Paint by number corner

Paint by number corner detail

Elvis Bar detail

Click here for a
360-Degree Virtual Tour of Paint-by-Numbers Salon

Check out our new Official Bad Art Museum of Art or aka OBAMA

“Charity by Numbers”,
a benefit art auction for The Alliance for Children’s Rights curated by Gary Baseman, features vintage paint-by-numbers pieces reinterpreted and transformed by a jaw-dropping lineup of leading underground fine artists including Amy Crehore, Mark Ryden & Marion Peck, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Todd & Kathy Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, Michael Hussar, Shag, Clayton Brothers, Shepard Fairey, Andrew Brandou, Gary Panter, Miss Van, Paul Frank and many more.

Super Touch Blog: Lots of photos of each work

Wired News: Charity by Numbers: Alternative Artists Do Paint-By-Numbers

Little Hokum Rag: Amy Crehore’s “Charity By Numbers” Monkey Love Painting

Juxtapoz: Paint-by-Numbers

Boing Boing: Paint-by Numbers charity auction

LA Taco

U-Tube video of Corey Helford Paint-by-Number opening

More fabulous True Art sites:

Velvet Painting Museum: Velveteria

Le Salon de “Paint-by-Numbers”:
Dedicated to the art of creative relaxation

Dan Robbin’s Paint-by-Number Guru

Where to find that perfect Black Velvet Elvis? The Velvet Store

Politicians in Black Velvet at The Velvet Paintings store

Museum of Bad Art