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Unusual Homes

A visit to the home and studio of Whoretense Face Pillow

I was recently invited for a tour of Whoretense FacePillow’s new home in South Seattle, and boy was that a treat! A visual delight of whimsical creations and folk art throughout this comfortable home. Below is a short video from my visit!

And now, a house tour in haiku by Whoretense herself:

beneath airplane noise
a view of oaks and cypress
vinyl window search

manufactured shed
beside manufactured house
short sales aren’t pretty

mechanic’s dream shop
house a neglected ruin
mechanics hate irony

grandma’s old curtains
missing from new white windows
vinyl looks like wood

old wooden windows
freshly painted on long days
young again for now

old wooden windows
in houses with new carpet
one time were saplings

Stardust Home

Unusual home

I was showing homes for sale in Seattle and we went to see a home that was repossessed by the bank, located in a gentrifying neighborhood just South of downtown Seattle. I forgot to take a picture of the exterior, but there was nothing remarkable about it…. but when I went inside, boy was I surprised!

Georgetown.KennyMontana.ArtHouse 015

Someone with a fanciful sense of imagination went to town with paint and a brush. It was actually quite charming!

Georgetown.KennyMontana.ArtHouse 017

There was no indication who lived there or if they had children, but if they did, I imagine they thought they lived in a fairly land!

extreme home, seattle

My buyers didn’t want the house, but it did end up selling. I wonder if the current owners kept the paint colors?

Weird house

I think my favorite thing was the floor that appeared to have been sprinkled with flow in the dark stars. I would have loved to see it at night!

unusual home, extreme home

I took a short video just so you could see it in all of its glory!

Square Celebrities’ Curvy Homes

Is there something about “square” entertainment legends that makes them commission really cool, curvy houses? Two examples (both on the market in recent months) might suggest so.

Via ABC News.

Exhibit A: the Malibu, CA hillside estate of American Bandstand host and “World’s Oldest Teenager” Dick Clark. Media articles about it invariably compare it to the house on another long-running ABC TV series, The Flintstones.  Originally listed last year at $3.5 million, it’s now been reduced for quick sale to $3.25 mil.


Exhibit B: the Palm Springs, CA desert mansion of comedy legend Bob Hope. Designed in 1973 by acclaimed architect John Lautner, its vast copper roof was intended to resemble a volcano. There’s a giant boulder in the middle, and a putting green and al fresco dining area outside. It can all be yours for a mere $50 million.

Green homes, literally

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Dorknob found this great fake grass-covered home located in an Austrian hillside by GRID Architekten.

Here’s another “green” home, almost completely covered in greenery.

You could almost miss this whole home while walking by on the street, buried as it is under dense layers of climbing greenery that wrap up and around on three of four sides (as well as the roof).

Here’s the same house, from the front, showing the walls of windows:

HomeDesignFind features a very modern eco-luxury vacation villa set in the Costa Rica rainforest features a series of energy-conserving thick green roofs for natural cooling and lush velvety greens that contrast with the stark white of the walls.

More “Green Images” from Home Design Galleries:

Happy Valentines Day

Saint Valentine’s Day, often simply Valentine’s Day is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentinus.

We are commemorating the day by looking at some unusual homes and interior decor celebrating the holiday.

Life in a Pink House (collection of pink house photos)

Tiny apartment transforms into 24 different designs

In Hong Kong, because of the space, apartments are small and expensive. Gary Chang, an architect, decided to design a 344 sq. ft. apartment to be able to change into 24 different designs, all by just sliding panels and walls. He calls this the “Domestic Transformer.”

Steve Bard’s Weird House

If UNUSUAL is what you’re looking for, step right this way…

Our friend, Steve, is a great guy who has a thing about collecting unusual treasures to surround him in his home. The collection is incredible, astonishing, visually overwhelming, and sometimes disarming in nature. We’ve posted several times in the past about Steve’s passion for finding items which are unique, yet compliment other items in his multi-layered mix of visual spectacle. Today’s post is a video filmed by Unusual Life’s Marlow Harris. To say his home is a museum of wondrous treasures is an understatement. Marlow’s new video captures of the true essence of Steve’s incredibly strange home. Enjoy!

Steve invites you to take a tour of his Weird House in Seattle

Here are links to our previous posts featuring Steve and his home with many more photos and videos…

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Dick and Jane’s Spot

Dick and Jane’s Spot was created by artists Dick Elliot and Jane Orleman in Ellensburg, Washington. Dick Elliott died on November 19, 2008, but the dream lives on in downtown Ellensburg. Jane was kind enough to show us around recently and she continues to live her life creatively and artfully in this beautiful home.

I was also able to make a short video of the exterior of the home the last time I was here. Jane told me that she has made provisions after her passing to leave her amazing home to the Yakima Valley Historical Society.

The art of Richard Elliot

The art of Jane Orleman

Beverly Hills Fairy Tale House

FAIRY TALE HOUSE, BEVERLY HILLS, originally uploaded by GottShotts.

Beverly Hills is probably the last place on earth that you’d expect to find a witch’s house, but here it is!

There are so many beautiful mansions in Beverly Hills that it’s hard to keep track of them. But if you turn north from Wilshire Boulevard, up posh Carmelita Avenue, you will discover an extraordinary house unlike anything else you’ll ever find in these parts.

Known formally as “The Spadena House,” but better known simply as “The Witch’s House,” this bizarre, whimsical creation was built in 1921 for a movie studio in Culver City. It was used in several silent films, and then moved to this pleasant residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills in 1926, where it is now a private home.

But the small house might as well have been created by the Brothers Grimm.

It looks for all the world like some haunted fairy tale cottage; you half expect Hansel & Gretel to walk out the front door. The yellow walls of the house slope precariously, giving the impression of imminent collapse. Its dilapidated, pitched roof (covered with odd-shaped brown shingles) is pointed like a witch’s hat. The saggy, wooden window shutters are hung at odd angles. An eccentric picket fence surrounds the property, made of wavy, warped wooden pickets.

Even the landscaping in the front yard is purposefully bizarre, with gnarled, twisted trees, a wooden bridge crossing a moat, a miniature old mill and a sign (hanging from a lantern) which reads: “Witch’s Landing.”

This house has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and is indeed one of the Beverly Hills’ unique sights. (The local children must have a field day on Halloween!)

Recently, the “Witch’s House” had a cameo appearance in the 1995 movie “Clueless,” in a scene where Alicia Silverstone wanders past the house (while pouting about flunking her driving test).

The Witches House is not open to the public, so you’ll have to be satisfied with driving by the home, or perhaps stopping to take a snapshot of its eccentric exterior.

(In July of 1998, the owners sold the home for $1.3 million to Michael Libow, a real estate agent who plans to preserve the historic house. In his remodel of the interiors of the home, he is adding Gaudi-esque elements to create a ‘cottage’ feel to it. Also, there is a new intricate garden wall which accurately reflects the textures of the original building… an addition which looks as if it had always been there.)