Tasty Buildings

Chocolate Cake Castle

Chocolate cake in the shape of The Smithsonian Institution
Castle building.

Cookie Building

A replica of the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace made entirely out of Girl Scout cookies was built last year by the staff at Thomas & Hutton Engineering Services and was entered in the Girl Scout Cookie Challenge.

Cookie Buildings

For a recent class project, Thornton Academy students created cookies in the shapes of the various buildings on TA’s campus. In addition to the Main Building, Linnell Gym and Charles Thornton Building, there’s the Industrial Arts building, the Locke Emery building, Headmaster’s House and more. The cookies are detailed in sweet icing to bring out the finer points of each building, like windows and bricks.

Empire State Building Cookie Cutter

Do you want to make your own building-shaped pastries and cookies? Order a Empire State Building Cookie Cutter.

This cookie cutter (approx. 2¼ x 7¼”) is made from strips of copper that are 1-1/8″ thick after the top edge has been folded over. Each cutter is formed by hand and soldered together for a permanent old-fashion hold. Want the Flat Iron Building, the Chrysler Building or something by Frank Lloyd Wright? Order a custom-shaped cookie cutter from Cooper Gifts too.

Gingerbread House

Replica of the White House done entirely in Gingerbread.

Design your own virtual Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House webpage, recipes and patterns

Photos of a gingerbread house modeled after a fantasy amusument park and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

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  1. hannah

    i love it its awsome i would eat that thing till the end dont ever let me near it good projects though

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