Colorful Artist Apryl Miller

Colorful Artist Apryl Miller

Apryl Miller Unusual Artist

Apryl Miller’s artist statement notes: “Apryl Miller is ideally suited for a career in the arts having spent many years in the restaurant industry. Apryl’s trying to forget everything she’s learned and to live the rest of her life without learning anything more. She has not won any awards that she can recall with the exception of the odd sports pool and the occasional scratch off lottery ticket.”

She designs fabulous furniture…..

Fabulous art chair

And even her home reflects her colorful spirit and personality….

Apryl Miller\'s Bed

Apryl Miller\'s cool sink

Apryl Miller\'s wild kitchen

Apryl Miller interiors

Tile bathtub

Contact Apryl Miller at 212-639-1836 or visit her website at Apryl Miller Studio

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