Elvis hotel implodes in Las Vegas

Frontier Hotel

The New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas was imploded to make way for The Plaza, a multi-billion dollar resort which will open in 2011. Elvis made his Las Vegas debut at the New Frontier in 1956 in the futuristic new showroom – the Venus Room.

From the Western-themed hotel that had opened as the Frontier in 1942, the resort was re-modelled in 1955 and renamed the New Frontier with a décor that encompassed the nations growing curiosity with space travel, featuring planets and flying saucers in the Cloud Nine dining room and celestial chandeliers hovering over the casino, where six alien figures headed towards its entrance.

Las Vegas Elvis

The Venus Room, where Elvis appeared, was a circular showroom and could seat up to 972 people, who surrounded the revolving stage, but Elvis’ appearance did little to excite the stuffy Vegas clientele, when he was used to performing to screaming teenagers. Elvis was reportedly paid $12,500 a week, during an era when headline acts could command double that amount in other resorts.

It was at the New Frontier where agent Bill Miller, who was booking acts for the Dunes at the time, spotted Elvis and is quoted as saying ‘Boy, some day I’m going to fire up this guy’s career.’

So, at the close of the next decade as the booking agent for Kirk Kerkorian’s International Hotel, Bill Miller booked Elvis for his famed Las Vegas comeback in 1969 and the rest, they say, is history.

Cool set of New Frontier Hotel photos from LeavingLV.net

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