“Flexible House” find a new home

Seattle Flexible House

The “Flexible House” that we wrote about in an earlier post (“Free House – You Haul”), has finally found a home.

Faced with demolition, the Mount Baker house built in the future fantastic, “Jetsons”-esque spirit of the 1962 World’s Fair has been saved by a Gig Harbor couple.

The Seattle Times reports “I saw it on the news, I called the Realtor handling it and then went up and looked at it,” said Tom Shuler, a real estate agent. “I thought it would be a fun project.”

Dr. Kingman Ho, the owner of the property and, by default, the house that employs modular mobility inside a simple, 1,000- square-foot box design, sorted out the serious from the suspect in finding the Shulers. Ho bought the property with the intent to build a new, bigger house for his young family, so the flexible house had to go, one way or another.

Glad to hear this unique house was saved.

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