Happy Easter!

Obama by Mike Leavitt

The theme of the Seattle Times Peeps contest was “Newsmakers” and this year’s competition proves that scandal and marshmallow Peeps go together like Easter and bunnies. Britney Speeps, Amy Winepeep, and Larry Craig Peep are just a few you’ll view on the Seattle Times website.

Obama was a favorite with this depiction by Seattle artist Mike Leavitt.

Click HERE to view a slide show of 22 winners.

Jesus of Peeps

Another favorite is The Jesus of Peeps (JoP), created by SeattleTwist contributor and artist Janet Galore, is 4.5 ft tall x 3.5 ft wide, from 6 colors of Peeps. What a lovely way to commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ.

Jesus of Peeps detail

t e l e m e t r y: Transmissions from the Galores

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