Hawaii Honeymoon Hobbit House

Hawaii Hobbit Weird House

Quote from Best Places to Stay in Hawaii “This is one of the more unusual places to stay I have ever seen…If you want a bit of mystery and imagination in your vacation, and little stories lying in wait around every corner, you’ll appreciate it here. It’s enchanting, rather like you’d expect a hobbit’s house to be.”

The Hobbit House is located on the The Big Island in a breathtaking setting above Waiohinu Village. Lush landscaping and tropical forests surrounding the estate offer quiet privacy and is not far from the sightseeing wonders of Volcanoes National Park and the bountiful sights and flavors of Kailua and Hilo.

View from Hobbit House

Hobbit House is located 60 miles, about a 1 1/2 hour drive, from the Kona and Hilo airports and 1/2 mile up a jeep trail away from the highway noise.

Hawaii Hobbit House

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