High-end shipping container homes

Shipping Container Home

This custom, 3,200-square-foot home in pricey Redondo Beach, Calif., was built mostly from shipping containers in an attempt to hold down building costs. The home, designed by Peter DeMaria, still retains the marine-grade plywood floors originally found in the six containers, which serve as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Shipping containers provide home in a box

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  1. Casey

    First time on your site – great architecture posts and current! I was at MOMA and was disappointed in the prefab exhibit. Most of the prefab work, with the exception of one project, was over 10 years old. There are some really exciting projects that have been done in the last two years that should have been part of the show instead – far more progressive. This project above or something by DeMaria should have been in there! He’s the only one truly addressing prefab as an affordable and quality method by which architecture can be created. As you can tell, I love his work. Maybe the west coast has it’s own show being put together, who knows? Any other info on him or his work? Thanks. Great post.

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