Jesus Toast

When Galen Dively fixes breakfast, he gets a revelation every morning. He’s the creator of “Jesus Toast”, a metal stencil fitted into an everyday toaster, for your religious and pop culture edification.

He also has created a lovely Mary toaster and, just in time for the holidays, if you buy 3 Jesus toasters you get a Mary toaster absolutely free. Yes, indeed.

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If you don’t want to spring for a toaster devoted completely to the Lord Jesus Christ, then hustle on down to Archie McPhee’s Jesus Toaster Tattoo.

Don’t even want to buy a cheap plastic stencil? Try a do-it-yourself holy image of the Christ. Spread butter in an enlightened style. Toast. Worship.

Not sure you want to break bread with Jesus. How about rocker Ted Nugent?

Love toast? Take your passion extra-large.

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