LA Ink

Kat D by Shawn Barber

A spin-off of the popular TV show “Miami Ink”, “LA Ink” premieres tonight (August 7, 2007) on The Learning Channel, starring Kat von D.

Artist Shawn Barber created a portrait of the prominent tattoo artist, that is now included in her private collection. Barber was also featured on an episode of Miami Ink in a segment where they focused on the process involved in making the piece.

So you can view Kat von D. giving tatoo’s, getting tatoo’s and the artists painting her and her tatoo’s.

Like a funhouse mirror or the Droste effect, Shawn Barber, the artist, has created paintings of tattood artists, their art and their tattoos…..


  1. Mandy

    Kat Von Dee *cough* Kat VD? Not worth the canvas she’s painted on. But I have to say its a beautiful picture, none the less.

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  3. sian

    o0mg what an amazing piece of art, it helps that kat is one sweet looking woman, and probably why i keep going back for tattoos myself. keep at it loves it

  4. Mark

    I’ve been to the shop, got a tattoo. It’s an awesome place to see. Wall to wall people, customers as well as people just wanting to see the shop. This place is by far the cleanest tattoo shop I have ever been too. I flew in from Phila PA and would go back in a heart beat for another.

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