Mexican Shell House

Shell House

You can build incredible homes with ferro cement. It is extremely strong and durable and the thing we love most is that you can build the whole building – walls, roof, gutters, cabinets, etc. – out of the same material.

You build a cement home by first building the frame, which is made of metal. You wire rebar, remesh and lathing tightly together. You can make the design as fanciful as you wish.

Stage two of the process is stucco, covering the frame with concrete. Stucco goes on in layers. The first is called a scratch coat, for which the concrete should be a little drier than the subsequent coats. It’s called a scratch coat, because you have to scratch it up before the mud sets. This gives the second coat something extra to grip to.

The finishing coats are called brown coats. The stucco needs to be almost runny. It goes on a lot faster than the scratch, and can even be applied with a hopper gun.

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  1. aisha and dina

    we like about the design of the house..
    it was very amazing us..nice shape..congrats to the owner bcoz they owned this kind mansion..(mlaysia)(“,)

  2. Yusuf

    Hello Sir or Madam,

    I’m so interested in knowing the methods of building a house using ferro-cement. Would you please send me any information that might help me in this issue.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards,
    Yusuf Al Malki

  3. Gopakumar

    I want to know more about building of ferrocement houses. May it be appropriate to hot weather? Please send me detalis about it.

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