Mmmm, Donuts. The Magic is in the Hole!

Voodoo has too many extreme doughnuts to feature just one. Some aren’t suitable for Unusual Life — we’ll refer to them as “anatomical” — but others are at once outlandish, deliciously addictive and rated G. Like the Bacon Maple Bar: a buttermilk topped with maple frosting and slices of crispy bacon; it sounds odd but really just mimics that marvelous moment when your pancake syrup runs into your breakfast meats. Voodoo also does wonders with cereal — try the Captain Crunch, Fruit Loop and Cocoa Puff doughnuts — and before health officials stepped in, patrons could even feast on NyQuil and Pepto-Bismol varieties.

Extreme Doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut
22 SW 3rd Ave. | Portland, Ore.

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