Monolithic Dome Home

Curlew Dome House

This monolithic dome is the home of Bryan and Dianne Bremner, two sixty-something retirees in Republic, Washington. They built their 2800-square-foot Monolithic Dome home, Curlew Keep, on Curlew Lake, and it resembles a modified Torus — the first Monolithic Dome of this type to be built. In addition to the loft, Curlew Keep sports three bedrooms; three bathrooms; a sunken living room; dining, kitchen and laundry areas; and a two-car, attached garage leading into an outdoor room. If you are interested in building your own Dome Home, you can visit other Monolithic Dome homes at the Monolithic Dome Institute Web site. These homes are located throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world, and some are for rent and for sale.


  1. Hank Daum

    Wonderful picture. Shared it with my wife, she was equally taken in.
    My wife and I are about to undertake conversion of our 36×104 foot, curved roof, laminated beam barn into our house. We will leave the laminated beams exposed inside. We will apply 3″ of SPF on the roof once all windows and doors are in, and will continue spraying down to below grade. How far below grade did you spray? Did you spray foam on the ground before you poured the foundation?
    We are in SW Wisconsin, more than a few miles from you. Our finished product will look much like yours, monolithic SPF, but not a concrete structure.
    Any words of wisdom to share, what to be sure we do, what to be sure we DON’T do?
    Hank and Heidi

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