REAL Houseboat

Seattle Houseboat

We have about 450 floating houseboats in the Seattle area. But this is the first REAL houseBOAT that I’ve seen, beached on the shores of Mercer Island on 64.6 feet of glorious, sunny, no-bank waterfront.

Seattle Houseboat 2

Gently terraced stairs and walkway lead you down a path of beautifully landscaped grounds to the USS Manzanita built in 1908. Glorious views of the Lake and Mount Rainier Sunsets, it is a boat, but it is a house. Two levels, 3 bedrooms, two fireplaces, family and great room plus modern kitchen, deck with hot tub and a newly updated shared dock with 2 slips.

Seattle Houseboat 3

Here’s a sketch of the original boat when it was first built and still in the water.

Seattle Houseboat 4

What’s there not to love?


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  2. Jim Reppond

    Hey, Marlow – I remember showing this property when it was for sale a few years ago, along with the contemporary home next door to it. I always wondered how a bank would feel about financing it. If I remember, they were on the same tax lot, right?

    BTW, I enjoyed being on the panel discussion with you earlier this week. You always have such great input.

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