Rotating House

Rotating House

If you’ve got a great piece of property and can’t decide which way to orient the house to take advantage of the view, or if the house has views in more than one direction, this may be the house for you. The “Rotating House” was the invention of Al and Janet Johnstone. They are the owner/builders of the rotating home pictured here and owners of the website

Owners of Rotating House

A RotatingHome can be built in any size or shape in which all or part of the home rotates. A RotatingHome can also be multi-level, with the ability of all or any of the stories to rotate. While always being connected to all utilities, the structure can turn 1,000 or more times in one direction or 1,000 or more times in the other or stop in any position and remain stationary, while always being connected to all utilities, just like any other home. This is all made possible by the truly unique and patented SWIVEL at the heart of the home. And they’ll sell you one to make your own “Rotating Home”!

Order your own Swivel mechanism here.

Thanks to Joseph G. Ferrara and Rudolph D. Bachraty III of


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