Seattle Cotswold Cottage

4103 S. Court Street

It was love at first sight for Nick Agoff and Jean-Francois Godbout when they saw this storybook cottage in Seattle’s Mt. Baker neighborhood. At the time, it had only two other owners and was a daycare for about 20 years, so the home was ripe for a makeover.

Nothing in the house was as challenging as the landmark roof, however. After a few desperate calls to Historic Seattle and local roofers, they finally found a company in Portland, Oregon, Quality Plus Roofing, who could rise to the occasion.

4103 S. Court Street, finished

With huge pots of water to boil the shingles and bend them into place, the crew labored for weeks to get the job done in a timely and professional manner and restore the home and its roof to its former brilliance and glory.

View more photos HERE.

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