Storybook House

Storybook House in Olalla

Built over 20 years by Richey & Karen Morgan, this Storybook House is an amazing handbuilt homage to Hansel & Gretyl, located in Olalla, Washington, a short ferry ride from Seattle.

Seattle Storybook House 2

Meander along the lushly landscaped drive. You might meet the 7 Dwarfs along the way. Cross the stone bridge and view the 1000 year old treehouse. Amble on to the one-of-a-kind Storybook Cottage with 5 stone fireplaces, custom ceilings, walls, windows and more.

Seattle Storybook House 3

Featured in Country Living & Evening Magazine and on the cover of 2004 Storybook Homes calendar. It was sold in 2005 and will be restored by the new owner.


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  3. elaine

    I actually grew up right down the street from this home, it is one of the most wonderfully built “fairy tale homes” I have every seen, it truly belongs in DisneyLand…I went to this home in the spring and the pink cherry blossoms where just starting to fall in the light breeze, it was very beautiful, I will never forget this place…

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