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Spellbound in Seattle

Talisman Store

Having trouble with the bad neighbors next door and their barking dogs? Try throwing some special black salt over the fence and see what happens. No money? How about some “Attract Money Lucky Money Oil”? Having trouble selling a house? Try burying St. Joseph on his head near your “For Sale” sign.

If you luck is so bad lately that you think someone may have accidentally given you the evil eye and put a hex on you, get yourself over to El Talisman shop and get some of jinx-busting powder or lucky bubbles for your bath and start feeling better in no time.

Chock full of spell kits and Chakra oils, candles, Rosary beads and santos, plus herbal remedies, statuary and perfumes, this little shop tucked into a strip mall in Burien, 10 miles South of Seattle is sure to please and surprise anyone wanting to bring good luck into their life. El Talisman features fetishes, amulets, charms and potions and is located at 227 SW 152nd in Burien, just West of Seatac Airport.

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