That’ll put a few quid in the Banksy

As reported by The Sun, a couple hope to make £500,000 selling their mobile home — as it’s covered in art by Banksy.

Nathan Welland, 37, and Maeve Neal, 34, met Banksy through pals ten years ago when he was an unknown street artist.

He used their trailer to paint a 30ft by 7ft mural of commandos with a stereo and scenes including a monkey playing drums.

Banksy’s fans now include stars like Brad Pitt, so the couple and their four kids, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, are auctioning their two-bed trailer to buy a bigger home.

Last year a Banksy painting sold for £288,000, and art dealer William Burroughs said: “The pieces are unique, and the big picture could make a record price.”

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