The Life of the Garment

Photo by Karolina Wallace; via Henry Art Gallery and Interview magazine.

There might be no more intrinsically “feminine” art form than fashion.

And perhaps no other art form holds so much meaning within each of its products.

A single garment can contain a myriad of stories. Stories about its design, materials, and manufacture. Stories about who would wear it and when. Stories about the social and economic status of its intended wearer.

These are some of the tangents explored by Seattle textile artist and costume designer Anna Telcs. She has an exhibit, “The Dowsing,” at Seattle’s Henry Art Gallery through May 5.

According to a gallery blurb, “Telcs explores the liminal space between form, fashion, presentation, and performance. Her recent work attempts to question existing perceptions about manufacturing, worth, and beauty – ultimately seeking to delve deeper into the armature of the fashion object itself and the systems and structures that contextualize and regulate it.”



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