The Riches

The Riches is an ongoing FX television series starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, and is about a family of “white gypsies” who move into the recently purchased home of a family they inadvertently killed in a car accident.

Some L.A. friends, Tim & Jill, were approached by the show’s producers about using their home as a location for one of the characters, an arty, slightly eccentric neighbor who pops pills and is married to a closeted gay guy.

The interesting thing about my friends house is that, from the exterior, it’s just a nice normal house. Jill & Tim, however, work in the film business, so they know lots of folks and had a set designer friend of theirs paint the interior, with interesting results. Tim and Jill designed the home and Tim’s father built it about 20 years ago, and, as the two will tell you, it’s still a fabulous “work-in-progress”.


The Riches

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