Tupperware Party by Phranc

Phranc sells Tupperware

Self-professed “all-American, Jewish, lesbian folksinger” Phranc will come to your house and have a Tupperware Party!

Phranc got her start in the late ’70s Punk rock movement with synth rock band Nervous Gender and reggae Goth band Catholic Discipline (a band that would be immortalized in the first installment of the Decline of Western Civilization movies). During this period, she would sing some of her more political songs acoustically to allow the audience to clearly hear her words. It was these performances that eventually led to the discovery of her voice as an acoustic folk artist. During the span of her early solo releases (Folksinger and on), she discovered her niche — a voice for not only the gay and lesbian community, but for the socially conscious everywhere. Phranc’s music is often humorous in approach, but the underlying message is always based on serious subject matter.

Phranc Confessions

A Passion for Plastic

Hillary’s Eyebrows

My Tupperware.com

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  1. gigi wallace

    I want to order some tupperware. I dnn’t want a party.
    I need a consultant to mail me a catalogue. I live in bellevue
    washington. email me for address

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