Victorian Floating Home


A large three-story Victorian mansion made a voyage aboard a barge from Palmetto, up the Manatee River to Tampa Bay and across towards the Little Manatee River in Ruskin.

The house had been in Palmetto for nearly a century. On Tuesday, it was moved from its original location to make room for condominiums and commercial development. The house is reported to be approximately 7,000 square feet. The barge also held a smaller out-building.

The house, at an estimated 220 tons, was pushed by a single barge until anchoring just off the Bahia Beach area. When the tide increased, the house continued its voyage into the Little Manatee River.

The new owners of the historic Victorian home reportedly plan to use it as a retreat for pastors and missionaries.

One Serious Houseboat Across Tampa Bay

Thanks to Steve Bard for the tip.

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