World’s Largest LED project


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, just became home to the world’s largest LED project.

The Yas Hotel looks like something out of a science fiction movie or, in the words of the hotel, “a giant fishing net tossed over the sea.” The eye-catching hotel is wrapped in 5,000 LED lights that can change colors and even display video. It’s certainly eye-catching, and likely to attract a huge number of visitors. Many guests are unlikely to have stayed anywhere like this, and it is sure to offer a truly unique experience. Even a stay at a theme park hotel (, with accommodation overlooking the bright lights of the rides, isn’t quite the same as actually staying inside a magnificent building like hotel. That said, the LED project is far from the only reason to stay in this stunning accommodation. The hotel has several restaurants, a spa, two rooftop swimming pools and access to an 18-hole golf course on Yas Island.

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